Shocking! Look What’s In My Blood. Graphene/Genetically Modified Synthetic Parasites. Vax Shedding!

I have been monitoring my blood samples with a microscope since the very beginning.
I’ve always had good clean blood with all my samples. Up until now.
I pulled at least 10 samples and found these synthetic parasites and Graphene in all of my samples.
In this video I show my before and after photos/videos of my blood samples.

The vaccinated are shedding this stuff to the unvaccinated.

In this video I even go over a Pfizer paper that talks about shedding the Cov19 Vaccine through “environmental exposure“

Gene editing, Graphene nano bots, self replicating, genetically modified synthetic parasites, mRNA, DNA,depopulation and population control, trans humanism, control.

Using the mRNA to edit DNA comes strait from their mouths as I will show in this video also.

I go over SPARS Pandemic 2025 as well and the X Files truth bombs and predictive programming.


The conclusion is that I’ve now 100% found evidence of changes in my blood.
I’ve documented clean clear blood from the start and now have all this filth in my blood samples.
I will keep documenting and keeping track as I have been from the start.

– Laura Wells


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